31 Days of Blog: 1. Why?

Thus far I’ve averaged maybe 1 new blog post a month, and even then that’s a generous estimate. So my first thought, probably yours too, was something like WHERE THE F*?! ARE 31 GOING TO COME FROM?!!

Honestly, I’m not too sure. But hey, it wouldn’t be much of a challenge if I did. *laughs nervously*

More importantly, what I do know is the WHY of it - and it’s to beat the Resistance.

Well, my Resistance.

This idea or form of the Resistance comes from Steven Pressfield in his book “The War of Art”. (if you want to do anything creative/meaningful/more than what you’re currently doing, then you need to read this book. Do it. Do it. Do it.) He describes the Resistance as a natural force, something that’s always working against you and finding ways to get you to stop, put off or not start doing The Work.

The Work being whatever you know you should be doing - could be writing, accounting, singing, anything really; it’s your work and only you know what it is - and The Resistance doing things like showcasing attractive-yet-pointless Youtube videos to binge, putting excuses in your head (nah mate, looks like it’s going to rain - no leg day for me), and suggesting you make false promises to yourself (I’ll do it tomorrow).

You might be thinking The Resistance sounds a lot like procrastination, and it is, but the Resistance sounds cooler. This helps us give it a more menacing persona, which I feel makes it easier to face and take down. Procrastination just sounds so bleh, and there’s nothing cool about tackling bleh.

So how do we beat back The Resistance and do the The Work? Just do The Work.

“No shit, Sherlock.”

Seriously, just turn up and start working. This is what Pressfield calls becoming The Professional.

The Professional gets after it regardless of mood, external events and internal vices. It’s about learning to identify when The Resistance is working against you, trying to stop you from doing The Work, and not letting it.

Show up, put The Work in, repeat.

From here, we start to build consistency. Don’t worry about producing the best and most incredible work 100% of the time - what matters more is that you’re putting in The Work, logging those hours, typing those words, practicing and growing your craft.

You see with consistency, we start to get a feel for what we’re doing - regardless if it’s world class or for your eyes only, and we start to build our skill base and get good at it. From here we might learn different styles, share with others or start experimenting, but the core process remains the same - PUTTING IN THE WORK.

For myself, when it comes to writing it doesn’t actually take a month (and more) to get everything written down. Honestly, if you were to tally up the amount of time I actually spent writing things, it would probably amount to a few hours for each slab of electro scribblings.

So why does it take weeks to produce a new post? I let The Resistance get the better of me. I chuck on Youtube for some background noise, and before I know it it’s 1am and I’ve clip hopped my way to some dude getting a skateboard to the nuts on FailArmy.

Total words written: 12.

This isn’t always the case, I have a few days here and there where I get in the flow and knock out hundreds of words at a time - no special YouTube video or music, just sitting down, deciding to do The Work and getting lost in the flow of it. Those days I look up, it’s 3am and I’ve got 9 pages of rambling to chop down and spell check.

**That bit is less fun. I can just about guarantee there’s some dumb spelling/grammar/repeated sections in each of my blog posts, but if I ever become famous, I’ll claim it was artistic choice as opposed to just going for a nap. That’ll be our secret, dear reader.**

I’m sure we can all relate - not the nap part, the “getting lost in what we’re doing” bit - even if it’s not strictly our creative Work, but some kind of Work that we happen to be doing. This is the Muse at work. In opposition to The Resistance, The Muse helps us get our Work done, guiding us and filling us with reasons to keep going (I’ll just finish this paragraph, I’ll just keep at it until I’m called to something else).

The trick is getting The Muse to show up, and she’s not going to waste her time on someone spinning their wheels with The Resistance, she’s wants to go places. She’s looking for those doing The Work. The Professionals.

Seems a reasonable deal: turn up like a Professional, do The Work, and The Muse will help you keep at it - letting you become better, more skilled and eventually succeed at what you’re trying to do.

Doesn’t have to be 31 blogs in a month, doesn’t have to be incredible work, doesn’t have to be giant leaps. 1 is better than 0, so as long as you’re doing something (literally anything: read an article, write 2 crappy pages, experiment) you’ll be getting more knowledgeable, more proficient and, most importantly, taking yourself to the Next Level.

I’ll be cracking on with my Work with these blogs and training, but I’m interested to know what your Work is and how you’re going about kicking The Resistance’s ass - drop me an email or hit me up on social media, I could do with a change from fire and arm emojis to actual words and conversation :D

All the best and keep crushing it,


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