There are no shortcuts to peak performance or a stronger, more athletic physique, but there are plenty of paths to choose from - some good, some bad and some boring.

Some will bring us closer to our goals, some will take us further away. Some will let us face what’s holding us back - the nemeses to our progress - and some will skirt around them.

The enemy here are stale, easy to skip routines, BS broscience, and our own perceived limitations. To combat them, we’ll need some variation, uncommon challenges and actual science to help us continue along the most direct path to our physical and performance goals. 

For an array of tools to help you move forward, join me on the Weekly Warpath for new workouts, challenges and science every Friday, cannonballed straight into your inbox.

FAQ’s (frequently asked questions)

Weekly Warpath sounds a bit aggressive, why not something more chill like Transcendence Tuesday or Workout Wednesdays?

They sound boring. Warpath is much cooler.

Who is this for?

Anyone and everyone. There is something in each email for every fitness level, whether you’re just starting out or are looking to further refine your training approach. 

What do I need to do to gain access to the workouts, challenges and research summaries?

Just pop your name and email in the signup box, and you’re on the list! You’ll receive a welcome email followed shortly by the most recent Warpath email, then regular Warpath emails every Friday.

Do I need any equipment for these workouts?

For the bodyweight workouts you just need yourself and some space. Some workouts you’ll need a timer or stopwatch, but most phones/gadgets have these included.

For the gym challenges, each one is designed with the bare minimum of equipment in mind - some weights or dumbbells - and so are possible to complete in the vast majority of gyms. Where there are more specific pieces of equipment required, eg a kettlebell, alternatives will be suggested so you can still take part - albeit with a slight modification.

Do I need to do the workouts/challenges in a specific order?

Nope. There’s a new one each week that operates independently of the rest, allowing you to redo workouts or challenges that you enjoyed or want to get better at whenever you want. Once you’ve subscribed for a while, you’ll have a huge database of workouts, challenges and research that you can use as you wish.

Are the emails released in any kind of order?

No. Once you subscribe, you’ll receive the most recent Weekly Warpath email, and each Friday a new one is sent out. Some are prewritten and scheduled ahead of time so I can work on other projects, but everyone ultimately gets the same email each week at roughly the same time.

Is this a limited run?

There is no planned end or immediate changes, this will continue for as long as people find it useful and may change over time depending on what you want more/less of. Unless people get annoyed by weekly emails from me. Then I’ll send out twice a week emails.

Are these emails gluten free?


How do I know I’m performing the exercise correctly?

For the bodyweight exercises I’ll aim to have wee GIFs playing in the email so you can see which exercise it refers to and how to perform. For the challenges I’ll include a brief description but there’ll also be a video on my social media of me performing the challenge (@nextleveltraininguk on Instagram).

Can I share/forward this to other people?

Absolutely, the more the merrier! But if you pass it off as your own work or sell it, I’ll hunt you down and throw you into the sun.

How do I unsubscribe?

There is a small unsubscribe box at the bottom of every email, so if you feel like you’ve learned all there is to know about fitness or just hate sick emails from cool dudes, hit the button and you’ll be off the subscribed list. You can subscribe again, but my feelings will have been hurt.