31 DoB: 16. The Goggins Cookie Jar

What do the World’s Toughest Man and your mum/gran’s kitchen cupboard have in common?

Jars and jars of awesomeness. A.k.a. cookie jars.

***British people: I know we have more jam jars than cookie jars - just use your imagination and bear with me here.***

A glass of feelgoods, a pot of joy nuggets, an urn of sugar coated “awww yeeaaahs”.

The only difference is that David Goggins (the World’s Toughest Man - find out why in this short highlight video and the full interview video - click to open in new window) uses his Cookie Jars to crush body breaking challenges, pushing the limits of his soul and what we think is humanly possible.

Has he got a secret recipe for super cookies? Kinda.

All you need to do is swap the double choc chips for some badass bits.


You’ve probably guessed that David has more of a metaphorical or mental Cookie Jar, but that doesn’t mean the contents are any less potent.

To him, his Cookie Jar is a place to keep a mental note of all the successes and failures of his life, all the things he’s endured, overcome and achieved. Instead of basking in nostalgia, he saves them for times that he needs to remember who he is and what he’s doing.

Any moment where stress levels are rising or focus is starting to fade, he takes a second to step back, calm down, reach into his Cookie Jar and remind himself he’s a badass and can handle whatever is getting to him right now.

It’s more than just getting in the moment or taking a logical look at what’s going on; it’s a loving tap upside the head to remind you who you are and to get your head back into the game.

“Hell, I survived X - this is nothing compared to that!”

“Yes this is a rough patch, but I’ve through them before and come out the other side, just like when…”

“Look at that time I did Y! I’m a f***ing badass, and you’re damn right I’m not done yet!”

By mentally reaching into our own Cookie Jars, we can tap into this same thought process and get some moral support when there’s no one else around; using the extra drive to get through whatever we’re going through.

All we need to do is grabs some Jars to fill.


1. Get a jar - mentally conjure one up (the more detailed the better, as it will be easier to focus on when there’s a lot nipping at your heels) or grab an actual physical container. If that means going out and getting a full jar of cookies, and proceeding to demolish those badboys, then so be it. Realistically any container will do, but cookie jar is the most fun to say.

2. Grab a pen and paper (or prep your imagination).

3. Write down or make individual mental notes of: things you’ve accomplished, things you’ve endured or just good/badass things you’ve done. Doesn’t have to be massive things (just massive to you), and doesn’t have to be seen by other people. All that matters is that it’s something you’ve done (or resisted doing), and you can say “that was awesome” or “that was a good deed” or “that was tough, but I survived”. Stuff that’s made you proud, other people proud, or put a little good into the world - note it down.

4. Make as many notes as you like - I’ll bet there’s a lot more you’ve achieved than you might initially think, just be honest and gives yourself some deserved props. What challenges or hardships have you overcome? When were you knocked down but found a way to get back up?

Remember, while a physical cookie jar can be filled we can always get more jars. There’s no such thing as being too badass or doing too many awesome things.

5. Once you’re done, or at least done for now, pop the individual notes in the jar(s) and store away for later. When you find yourself losing your head or just not feeling like yourself, just dip into the jar and remember some of the reasons why you’re a badass, and that you’ve got this.

From there, we’ll probably have another Cookie to add to the Jar. Another time we’ve been challenged, we’ve endured, and we’ve made it out the other side.

So go forth and fill up them Jars, you badass.